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Enjoy the sun’s beauty and its vital benefits without suffering from its damaging effects on your furniture's fabrics, window treatments, furniture, carpet, wood floors and valuable artwork. Precision Auto Detail and Tint exclusive line of LLumar and Suntek Residential Window Films block out 99.9% of damaging ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) at levels of protection recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Contact Precision Auto Detail and Tint for availability and a Free in home estimate.

Laboratory tests, from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, used Xenon Arc simulated sunlight to show that furniture, fabrics, artwork, flooring, and even decorative wall paint fades with time. In addition to installing window film, here are some tips from Precision Tint to battle fading:

Wood: Natural wood finishes are much more stable than stains or finishes that alter the color of the original wood. Wood can also darken with prolonged exposure to UV, not just fade to a lighter color.

Fabrics: Fading differs depending on fiber type, dye color, stability and/or pattern printing techniques. Fabric cost has no bearing on the degree of fade damage – expensive fabrics may be as vulnerable to fading as less expensive fabrics.

Artwork: From photographs to paintings, tapestries to wood sculptures, certain media will fade more rapidly than other works of art. For example, a watercolor painting is far more vulnerable that an oil painting. A tapestry of bright, bold colors may deteriorate more rapidly than a solid wall hanging. To be safe, never place art in direct sunlight.

Family: The sun’s harmful UV rays damage more than furniture and fabrics, which is why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of LLumar and SunTek Window Films as a device for protection of the skin.

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LLumar and SunTek Window Films, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturers of window film, has selected Precision Auto Detail and Tint as their exclusive Residential Window Film dealer for the Dallas Texas Metro Plex, and its surrounding areas.

LLumar and SunTek Window Films has truly perfected residential window films. All past issues and stereotypes that were associated with window film such as bubbling, peeling, minimal fade protection and distortion are NO MORE with LLimar or SunTek. LLumar and SunTek Window Films outperforms all other window films – with up to 79% heat rejection, 78% glare reduction and 99.9% UVA & UVB blocked – plus, LLumar and SunTek comes with a lifetime warranty. LLumar and SunTek lifetime warranties are also transferable one time, so this is an actual lifetime warranty! LLumar and SunTek also has a warranty that matches your current glass warranty so you wont lose your glass warranty when film is applied.

LLumar and SunTek  is also the first window film to be recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective means of protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and melanoma.

Also, ask about  LLumar's new Enerlogic film. It is the industry’s highest performing all season window film. So it not only blocks heat, but it also insulates from losing heat during cold weather!

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All in-home consultations are free and presented by the owners of The Tint Pros. This eliminates the standard ABC’s of consultations/sales. No one can represent The Tint Pros and value your referral as much as the owners themselves. Sales commission can highly motivate sales representatives; however, The Tint Pros are motivated by relationship and referral. Knowledge-able sales people can sell anything, but relationships are acquired by providing you with the best value and benefit for your specific needs.

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Precision Auto Detail and Tint offers a full line of safety and security films that match government standards in safety. Clear film can be applied to existing glass to meet tempered safety standards to bomb blast and bullet resistant requirements. In the event of an attempted break in, the film will make the glass harder to break, then the glass will be one with the frame once broken, making it very difficult to gain entry into your property. Our Safety and Security Film from SunTek and LLumar is the best manufactured Safety film in the market place and certainly adds a peace of mind to any property owner.

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