Precision Auto Detail and Tint

Our program includes providing you the knowledge on the difference between all window films. Believe me, you want to know what is good film to work with, and how to watch out for the bad film. Most of all we will show you the best films in the market that will not fade, bubble, or peal to keep you customer happy and your reputation intact.

Precision Auto Detail and Tint has trained over 500 students coast to coast in the last  18 years. We have been installing window tint, residential, commercial, and automotive for over 25 years. We also install Paint Protection Film,  and have been installing Paint Protection Film (clear bra) for 16 years. We have A program that will have you earning $100,000.00 per year if your a motivated individual. Learning how to install Window Tint by a professional is easier than you think.

Our Window Tint training school is four days long and very comprehensive. The days are only dedicated to our students and we do offer a one on one training at no extra cost. We do realize that some of our students prefer to learn in the one on one setting.

We use all the latest techniques. We use the best window films on the market, LLumar, SunTek, Solar Free, and Global. We will train you to Hand cut and we will also teach you how to use the plotter programs. Our Window Tint School is located in North Dallas. We will train you on everything related to installation, Removal, types of glass, Tools needed, Customer Service, this area is often over looked and a very vital aspect to you bottom line. We will show you all the installation tricks and the ever so difficult shrinking methods. Shrinking is no issues if trained by us.

Our instructors will set you up with wholesale accounts, Websites, Reliable Marketing, everything you need to be successful. We offer 24 hour help desk support, no other window tint training school offers that. If your interested in attending our Window Tint School Dallas Texas, Please Contact us for a free assessment, 940-999-6131 and ask for Zano. 

Shrinking a Back Window is one of the most important areas when it comes to installing tint. Not knowing how to properly shrink a back window will really make it impossible for you to survive in the market place. Our program will give you the confidence and training needed to get the back window fitted the proper way. We will train you with the heat gun method and the live flame.

​ONE ON ONE TRAINING ONLY!Type your paragraph here.

Our Window Tint Training School Dallas will show you and have you work with many tools. We will provide you with what we feel are the best and most helpful tools on the market  at no charge, this is our gift to you to get you started making money in this growing industry..

A Quick look at what is included in your training.

  • Learn How to Hand cut and also the benefits of cutting on a Plotter.
  • We only use the best film 2ply, for training.
  • Free Tools that are actually used for the job.
  • Learn to shrink back windows and shrink windshields.
  • Learn to Shrink and Snap side windows.
  • learn how to set up new accounts at dealers and  other manufactures.
  • 24/7 phone support to keep you going
  • We set up your accounts to purchase window film at wholesale cost.
  • Certificate upon successful graduation.

Learn to shrink side windows and snap them. shrinking is a must on most windows even side and some 1/4 windows. There is also another technique referred to as "snapping" overall its a great time saver if your trying to pump out as many cars as possible.

  • Hands on Training from Instructors with more that 25 years of Installation experience.
  • Lunch Always Provided.
  • Individual Training available for those who request.
  • Proper techniques explained to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed to learn the most efficient way to tint front, rear, back windows and windshields.
  • How to keep your liability limited to zero.
  • Website services.
  • Marketing to keep you successful.
  • Classes held in actual window tint facility.
  • You Learn on actual vehicles, not stationary glass.

Class Location

308 FM 1830

Argyle, Tx. 76226

Window Tint Training Dallas, Texas